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Expand your possibilities.

La-cono trading imports value changing goods from overseas
and introduce the new choices in Japan.

Who We Are

La cono Tradingは、世界からユニークで革新的な商品を日本に広めていきます。



La cono Trading strive to spread unique and innovative products from the world to Japan.

We use crowdfunding to test the market, and after that, in addition to wholesale to mass retailers,

we utilize our knowledge of web marketing to assemble strategies to reach more people.

We are here to help your business to be successful in Japanese market. 


Hello. I'm Yurie Kono, CEO of La cono Trading.

We strive to connect the world and Japan with unique and innovative products, which make our life better and more excited.

If you are interested in Japanese market, but do not know how, we are here to help you.

Our Partner

Hideaki Otake 大竹秀明 氏

We are partnered with Hideaki Otake, an import business consultant. This partnership ensures great success in our project.




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